Rental Policies & Conditions

Minimum Stays:  The minimum stay is five nights in winter, three nights in summer and two nights during the shoulder seasons, however, during holidays or special events these minimum stays may be longer. Also, all Ski Specials are for one week beginning on Saturday, unless stated otherwise.

Taxes & Cleaning:  A local tax of 10.35% as well as a cleaning fee may be applicable. Additional periodic or daily maid service, with or without fresh linens, can be arranged for an extra fee.

Security Deposits:  These deposits need to be made by credit card and any damages or missing items will be fully reimbursed; they are not limited to the amount of the deposit. Specials accommodations, however, can be made for renters who desire to make security deposits by check instead of credit card. The Security Deposit is returned within approximately two weeks after departure.

Rental Payments:  Winter reservations over 4 months in advance normally require an initial partial rental payment by check, one or two subsequent payments by check(s) and a security deposit by credit card. Winter reservations less than 4 months in advance require a rental payment of 50% by check plus a security deposit; the full rental payment is due 75-days before the arrival date by check.
Non-winter reservations over over 3 months in advance normally require a payment of 50% by check plus a security deposit; the full rental payment by check is due no less than 60-days before the arrival date.

Rental Payments By Credit Card:  If rental payments are paid by credit card instead of by checks (or money orders) a 3% credit card processing fee may be incurred. However, the security deposit requirement can be waived. Nevertheless, the credit card remains on file to cover any damages or missing items.

Short Term Cancellations:   All rentals under two weeks for dates that are over 4 months in advance in winter and 3 months in summer are completely refundable except for an administrative fee of $100. If a cancellation is between 4 months in advance in winter or 3 months in advance in summer (and non-winter) there is an administrative fee of $200 and a one night rental penalty. For cancellations less than 4 months in advance in winter and less than 3 months in advance in summer the same administrative fee applies, but the penalty is increased to two nights, the amount returned can be less any rent differential if rented again for the same dates and we have no obligation to return any rental payments that are not re-rented for the same dates. However, in any event, the rental obligation due never exceeds the total rental amount.

Longer Term Cancellations:  All rentals over two weeks long for dates that are more than 3 months in advance can be cancelled and refunded, except for the deduction of a $100 administrative change. However, for a rental cancellation that is received less between 3 and 2 months in advance, there is a penalty is 20% of the total rent plus an administration fee of $200.  For a long term summer cancellation that is received less than 2 months in advance we have no obligation to return any portion of the rental payments that are not re-rented for the same dates.  But if the unit is re-rented, the rent proceeds received will be reduced by an administration fee of $200 plus a penalty of 25% applied to any re-rented proceeds received. In any event, the rental obligation due never exceeds the total rental amount.

Linens & Things:  The unit is fully furnished and includes fresh linens, towels, bar soap, shampoo and paper as well as kitchen and cleaning supplies. Extra towels and paper are usually located in each vanity. Extra towels for the complex pool and hot tubs are also available at the rental office. Supplies not furnished are laundry detergent, food (except salt & pepper are normally present) and charcoal / lighter fluid (but some may be left in the storage bin beside the charcoal grill).

Maximum occupancy:  For Unit 253 the maximum is 5 adults or 6 with children and for Unit 254 the maximum is 7 adults or 8 with children.

Regulations:  All guests are subject to the rules and regulations of local authorities and the Park Avenue Condominium Association.

Risk Obligations:  By virtue of renting either or both units, the renter and their guests acknowledge that there are certain inherent risks in operating some of the added features in either unit, such as the hot tub, hair dryer, iron and other electric appliances, and that they hold the owner harmless of any accidents involving any and all such appliances. Further, the units are located directly on a golf course that are occasionally subject to stray golf balls in summer, and the units are also subject to seasonal conditions such as snow, ice and rain. The renter and their guests also hold harmless the owner over any personal harm that may occur from a stray golf ball or a fall resulting from slippery drives, walkways or patios.

Lease: Utah does not require a lease for short term or monthly rentals, nor do most property management firms in the Park City area use a lease. The information noted above and in correspondence with a tenant can provide an adequate rental commitment. However, if a tenant so requires, we can provide an agreement in similar form as shown in our standard lease. An additional processing fee for the lease of approximately $50 may be required.

Premiums:  A surcharge may apply for Sunday to Tuesday departures in winter. Occupancies that require the use of the sleeper sofa or occupancies over 6 may also incur a surcharge.

1BR & 4BR Reservations:  Normally the adjacent 2- and 3-bedroom units are rented separately or together. However, it is possible to rent the Master “lockout” suite of the 3-bedroom townhouse (Unit 254) in advance monthly in the summer, or weekly or monthly during shoulder seasons. In addition, depending upon availability, it is usually possible to rent the “lockout” Master Suites in either unit 253 or 254 for a short term period less than 10 days in advance in winter or summer. The Master Suite of Unit 253 can also be combined with Unit 254 to provide 4 bedrooms during the non-ski season.

NOTE:  Rental policies and conditions, as well as rates and availability, are subject to change without notice.